Assistant Manager

Vacancy – Assistant Manager (Fulltime)

Hubble Community Café, a student restaurant / bar founded by students, is looking for an experienced and flexible assistant manager, to take on one of the responsibilities of the management to guide a growing company and support our staff.  

Employment: Fulltime.
Salary: €2.070,00 to €2.750,00 /month (Startsalary, growing is possible based on capabilities) 


Hubble Community Café was founded by students 5 years ago, as a student restaurant and bar at the TU/e-campus. One of the most important key morals within Hubble is that everyone is welcome. We try to facilitate this with friendly priced coffee, drinks and meals as well as our community set-up. During the day Hubble is most comparable to a Café, but when the evening starts, so does the bar atmosphere with lots of “gezelligheid” in the bar.

Hubble Café consists of staff, volunteers, management, and a (student-)board. All these components work together to create a wonderful community. Hubble is non-profit. All profit is put back into the community. We do this is many different ways. For instance, we facilitate a home for events or sponsor initiatives.

Hubble also facilitates catering for academic occasions and organizes and hosts all different kinds of activities.

We want to create a living hotspot that connects people and stimulates student culture. We are looking for someone who can speak fluently Dutch and can speak English at a high level.

Job description

We are looking for an assistant manager with experience in hospitality who would like to work during the day and takes care of the all the daily businesses at an operational level. The assistant manager can take different functions. Like the ones, but not limited to, below:

  • HR – Manager  
  • Inventory Manager
  • Staff Training & Coaching
  • Staff Employment
  • Hosting
  • Staying up to date with the community (with help from the board)
  • Much more!  

The function itself consists of a big variety of responsibilities and tasks that are shared with the student board and manager of the bar. Together with the board, and the manager, the assistant manager is responsible for the daily businesses, working together in a very dynamical order. We are looking for someone who can work without strict guidelines or protocol, while upholding the values of Hubble and Dutch legislation. Working hours are mainly during the day between 10h00 and 21h00. We strive to give you your weekends off. The position will be open from march 27th.

What will be expected?

  • You love to be surrounded by people
  • You have a great sense of responsibility 
  • You are confident and you dare to make decisions
  • You are flexible and constructive
  • You are patient, and you can coach employees and students
  • You hospitable and eager to learn
  • You can have a clear overview of the workings among your peers/staff
  • You are considerate of the needs of the staff, volunteers and the board
  • You have an Social Hygiëne (SVH) certificate, HACCP certificate, or you are prepared to achieve them 

What do we have to offer you?

  • The chance to be included in a growing company that can still be formed matching you ambitions and ideas
  • A working environment in which we encourage groundbreaking ideas
  • A dynamic working environment with a lot of possibilities and freedom
  • The chance to develop yourself at different levels, and give other the chance to develop themselves as well
  • The possibility to work together with students in an educational and informal setting
  • Regular working hours
  • Due to new staff and (half)yearly board transfers, the work will remain surprising and unique

Do you want to work at Hubble Community Café as an assistant manager? Send us a short motivation and your resume.