Discount policy

Paying less for more beer

Hubble Community Café is a non-profit organization with the goal to promote the visibility and development of student culture at the university campus by facilitating a bar/restaurant and providing financial aid to student associations in Eindhoven.

Hubble Community Café is run by students for everyone. During the day staff members from Hubble provide the service and in the evening the bar is fully run by volunteers from affiliated associations. For this reason, food and drinks can be offered for affordable prices for these students.


Hubble holds a differentiation in price policy in which regular guests, TU/e students & campus residents and association members are distinguished. Regular guests are able to choose from our friendly priced menu. TU/e students and residents from Luna & Aurora receive a 12.5% discount on drinks as they indirectly contribute to Hubble Community Café. Associations that are active within Hubble and contribute to the community receive up to 25% discount on drinks.

The Hubble community makes the extensive opening hours and thus being the living room of the campus possible. By paying the regular price, regular guests make the financial support possible for the over 70 student associations that are part of the Hubble Community.

Events & group discount

Our discount policy is personal which means it cannot be applied for reservations with groups, as these reservations are more labour intensive and thus costly. Hubble does offer a discount of 12.5% on kegs of beer and bottles of wine if you’re eligible to this discount usually.