Welcome to Hubble

Welcome to Hubble!
We’re very happy to have you as our guest.

Corona related house rules

  • Keep 11 beers distance (1,5 meter)
  • Please leave your contact details at our sign-in form
  • Please take a seat, standing, dancing and singing is not allowed
  • No access with cold-like symptoms and/or fever
  • Adhere to the maximum amount of people per table, even within households
  • If you do not comply with the 1.5m rules, access can be denied
  • Due to legal capacity constraints a (reserved) seat outside does not guarantee a seat inside in case of bad weather or otherwise
  • Please do not move the furniture
  • After 00:00, nobody can enter Hubble anymore, the music will be shut down and the lights will be turned on
  • Order your last drink before 00:30, leave Hubble before 01:00