Welcome to Hubble

Welcome to Hubble!
We’re very happy to have you as our guest.

Today's Daily Dinner Dishes:

Meat: Chicken curry with coriander, onion pumpkin, bell pepper and rice.

Vega: Spicy curry with onion, pumpkin bell pepper, coriander and rice .

Enjoy!! : .

Soup: No longer available.

Corona Related Houserules

Version September 2021

  • Follow the walking routes indicated by floor stickers and window plackards
  • Our kitchen closes at 19:00 and is only available during the week
    After that we only have snacks

  • Current COVID-19 regulations require the following:
    • No guest of ours may have any COVID-19 related symptoms
    • All guests should leave their contact details on the appropriate form
    • Guests must sit at 1.5m from each other while seated
    • No moving of tables or chairs
    • No hiding from the rain inside or under parasols
    • No standing, singing or dancing
    • No new drinks can be ordered 15 minutes before closing
      (22:45 on the terrace, 23:45 on the bar)
    • Our terrace closes at 23:00, our bar closes at 00:00